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IRWMP Project List & Related Resources

The Authority has adopted a project review process to identify projects that meet measurable Objectives of the Kings Basin IRWMP. Calls for projects to be included in the Kings Basin IRWMP Project List occur at least once a year, but stakeholders can submit projects for consideration at any time. The project description is reviewed for completeness and conformance to IRWMP goals and measurable objectives. If a project meets those requirements, it is added to the list. The list is prepared to help prevent duplication, foster project integration, and encourage stakeholders to be prepared for grant solicitations.

When IRWM Implementation funding opportunities arise the Authority issues an announcement and invites stakeholders to submit detailed pre-applications for consideration. A Project Selection Panel (Panel) is formed to develop the pre-application and scoring templates, and to later review and rank eligible proposals submitted by project sponsors. The Panel’s list of recommended projects then goes before the Advisory Committee and Board of Directors for consideration and approval.

Below is a limited compilation of relevant documents and resources. For more information on the Water Authority’s project vetting process, or past proposals and applications, please contact Soua Lee at (559) 237-5567.

For all new projects (not already on the Kings Basin IRWMP Project List), please fill out the Project Information Form to submit the project to the project list:

For any existing project already on the current project list that has a storm water related connection or benefit, please fill out the Storm Water Project Supplemental Form:

Current IRWMP Project List – Adopted July 20, 2022

Current SWRP Project List– Adopted April 4, 2023

IRWMP Project List Map

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