Authority Directors

The Kings Basin Water Authority is governed by a board of directors, which is composed of one representative from each of the member agencies. The directors and alternates are appointed by each member’s governing board.

Board Officers & Authority Staff


Mary Fast

Council Member

City of Reedley

Vice Chair
Bill Stretch
General Manager
Fresno Irrigation District
David Merritt
General Manager
Kings River Conservation District
Assistant Treasurer

Binu Brar

Director of Finance

Kings River Conservation District
Program Manager
Soua Lee

Supervisor of Water Resources 

Kings River Conservation District

Board Members

Member Agency


Alta Irrigation District

  • Director – John Kalender, Board Director
  • Alternate: Chad Wegley, General Manager

City of Clovis

  • Lynne Ashbeck, Mayor
  • Alternate: Scott Redelfs, Public Utilities Director
  • Alternate: Paul Armendariz, Assistant Public Utilities Director

City of Dinuba

  • Rachel Nerio-Guerrero, Vice Mayor
  • Alternate: City Manager (Luis Patlan)
  • Alternate: Director of Engineering & Dev. Services (George Avila)
City of Fresno
  • Director – Luis Chavez, Council Member
  • Alternate: Director of Public Utilities (Brock Buche)
  • Alternate: Assistant Director – Water Division (vacant)
  • Alternate: Projects Administrator (Dejan Pavic)

City of Kerman

  • Bill Nijjer, Mayor Pro Tem
  • Alternate: Ismael Herrera, Council Member

City of Parlier

  •  Mayor (Alma Beltran)
  • Alternate: Diego Garza, Council Member
  • Alternate: City Manager (Sonia Hall)
  • Alternate: City Engineer (Javier Andrade)

City of Reedley

  • Mary Fast, Council Member
  • Alternate: Anita Betancourt, Mayor
  • Alternate: Russ Robertson, Director of Public Works

City of Sanger

  • Frank Gonzalez, Mayor
  • Alternate: John Mulligan, Public Works Director

City of Selma

  • Beverly Cho, Mayor Pro Tem
  • Alternate: Fernando Santillan, City Manager
  • Assistant City Manager

County of Fresno

  • Buddy Mendes, County Board Supervisor
  • Alternate: Steven White, Director of Dept. of Public Works & Planning
  • Alternate: Bernard Jimenez, Deputy Director, Dept. of Public Works & Planning
  • Alternate: Roy Jimenez, Planner

County of Tulare

  • Eddie Valero, County Board Supervisor
  • Alternate: Denise England, Grants and Resources Manager

Consolidated Irrigation District

  • Director: Vacant
  • Alternate: Phillip Desatoff, General Manager

Fresno Irrigation District

  • Ryan Jacobsen, Board President
  • Alternate: Bill Stretch, General Manager
Kings County Water District
  • Barry McCutcheon, Board Director
  • Alternate: Dennis Mills, General Manager

Kings River Conservation District

  • Paul Stanfield, Board President
  • Alternate: Mark McKean, Board Director
  • Alternate: David Merritt, General Manager

Fresno Metro Flood Control District

  • Sarge Green, Board Director
  • Alternate: Erin Mendes, Board Director
  • Alternate: Peter Sanchez, General Manager
  • Alternate: Brent Sunamoto, District Engineer

Raisin City Water District

  • Don Cameron, Board Director
  • Alternate: John Verwey, Board Director