Projects & Funding

Kings Basin Water Authority

Regional Project Objectives

Identification of projects is open to all stakeholders within the region. The Authority has encouraged inclusion of all types of projects and programs provided they address at least one of the IRWMP‘s measurable Objectives linked to at least one of the regional Goals. The regional goals are the broadest statement of intent or purpose for the IRWMP and are intended to address the primary problems and resource conflicts in the region. The coequal goals of the IRWMP are to:

  • Halt, and ultimately reverse, the current overdraft and provide for sustainable management of surface and groundwater;
  • Increase the water supply reliability, enhance operational flexibility, and reduce system constraints;
  • Improve and protect water quality;
  • Provide additional flood protection; and
  • Protect and enhance aquatic ecosystems and wildlife habitat.

Funding Success

Over the past decade, the Water Authority has brought in over $70 million in State and private grant funding to the region. This funding has been leveraged into over $122 million for planning and expanding local water management projects.