Kings Basin Water Authority

Planning Overview

Preconditions of effective Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) planning include the formation of a well represented and collaborative governance, and the meshing of numerous local, regional and state planning and regulatory documents. In addition to calling upon existing documents, it is often times necessary to prepare new studies and reports to support the regional planning framework.

Over the course of many years, Kings Basin stakeholders have compiled relevant documents, and prepared many studies to guide integrated water resources planning in the region. This section inventories many of these documents.

Kings Basin Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (Kings Basin IRWMP)

The Kings Basin IRWMP defines problems and issues; regional goals and objectives; water management strategies; and projects to enhance the beneficial uses of water for the Upper Kings Region. The IRWMP is the primary regional planning document and guides nearly all activities of the Kings Basin Water Authority.

Kings Basin Storm Water Resources Plan

The Kings Basin Storm Water Resources Plan (SWRP) was developed consistent with the requirements of SB 985 Per California Water Code section 10561 – 10573, as determined by the State Water Resources Control Board for areas within the region that are not already covered by a SWRP or functional equivalent SWRP. The Kings Basin SWRP was developed with stakeholder engagement and addresses existing regional watershed issues, identifies natural watershed processes and problems, and presents solutions to recognized problems by proposing projects. The proposed projects are evaluated and ranked for prioritization.