Boundary Map

Kings Basin Water Authority Boundary

The Kings Basin Water Authority’s IRWMP Region consists of the geographic areas under the jurisdiction of the Water Authority members and includes the majority of the Kings Groundwater Basin. The total land area of the IRWMP region is 610,000 acres with an irrigated land area of about 480,000 acres.

The IRWMP Region also includes regional and smaller local water agencies and spans over parts of three counties: Fresno, Kings, and Tulare. The urban spheres of influence and current city boundaries are important because the water districts and urban entities need to work together to ensure compatibility and consistency between the prevailing land use and water supply plans for the area.

The Kings Basin is a subbasin of the San Joaquin Valley groundwater basin, within the Tulare Lake Hydrologic Region. The IRWMP region includes nearly all of the Kings Subbasin and small portions of the Delta-Mendota, Kaweah and Tulare Lake Subbasins.

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