Interested Parties

The Interested Parties participate in the Advisory Committee of the Upper Kings Basin Integrated Regional Water Management Authority along with the Voting Members. The representatives and alternates are appointed by each party’s governing board.

Interested Parties

Interested Party
Armona Comm. Services District
  • Representative: Vacant
  • Alternate:

Bakman Water Company

  • Tim Bakman
  • Alternate: Steven Pickens
  • Alternate: Shay Bakman
  • Alternate: Sean Ray

Biola Comm. Services District

  • Representative: Vacant
  • Alternate: Pete Cerna
California Native Plant Society,
Sequoia Chapter
  • Warren Shaw
  • Alternate: Vacant
California State University Fresno
  • Sarge Green
  • Alternate: Robert Boyd
City of Kingsburg
  • Phil Desatoff
  • Alternate: Vacant
City of Orange Cove
  • Representative: Vacant
  • Alternate: Vacant
City of San Joaquin
  • Representative: Vacant
  • Alternate: Amarpreet Dhaliwal
Community Water Center
  • Representative: Vacant
  • Alternate: Susana De Anda
  • Alternate: Ryan Jensen
County of Kings
  • Dennis Mills
  • Alternate: Mark Gilkey
Crescent Canal Company
  • Representative: Vacant
  • Alternate: Vacant
Cutler Public Utilities District
  • Dionicio Rodriguez, Jr.
  • Alternate: Robert Rodriguez
East Orosi Comm. Services Dist.
  • Ana DeSantiago
  • Alternate: Lucy Rodriguez
Easton Comm. Services Dist.
  • Sue Ruiz
  • Alternate: Josh Gardner

El Rio Reyes Conservation Trust

  • Representative: Vacant
  • Alternate: Vacant

Hardwick Water Company

  • Vacant
  • Alternate: Felipe Casas
James Irrigation District
  • Manny Amorelli
  • Alternate: Robert Motte
Kings River Conservancy
  • Hank Urbach
  • Alternate: Jim Van Haun
Kings River Water Association
  • Steve Haugen
  • Alternate: Vacant
Laguna Irrigation District
  • Frank Zonneveld
  • Alternate: Scott Sills
Lanare Community Services District
  • Felipe Labrado
  • Alternate: Sue Ruiz
Laton Community Service District
  • Representative: Vacant
  • Alternate: Vacant

Liberty Canal Company

  • John Coelho
  • Alternate: Robert Nielsen

Liberty Water District

  • Robert Nielsen
  • Alternate: Kevin Johansen

London Community Services Dist.

  • Dorothy Keltner
  • Alternate: Carolyn Thomas
  • Alternate: Jim Wegley
Malaga County Water District
  • Vacant
  • Alternate: Charles Garabedian Jr.
  • Alternate: Salvador Cerrillo
McMullin Area Groundwater Sustainability Agency
  • Matt Hurley
  • Alternate: Vacant
Mid-Valley Water District
  • Jeevan Singh
  • Alternate: Randy Hopkins
North Fork Kings Groundwater Sustainability Agency
  • Mark McKean
  • Alternate: Buddy Mendes
  • Alternate: Scott Sills
Orosi Public Utilities District
  • Ronnie Castillo
  • Alternate: Raul Mariscal
Pinedale County Water District
  • Jason Franklin
  • Alternate: Mark Gutierrez
Reclamation District No. 1606
  • Wm. Cory Carvalho
  • Alternate: Manny Amorelli
Reed Ditch Company
  • Representative: Vacant
  • Alternate: Vacant
Riverdale Irrigation District
  • Leonard Acquistapace
  • Alternate: Ralph Hodson
Riverdale Public Util. Dist.
  • James O. Petty Jr.
  • Alternate: Vacant
Sanger Environmental Fund
  • Ed Cuadros
  • Alternate: Bernie Reed
Self-Help Enterprises
  • Sonia Sanchez
  • Alternate: Eva Dominguez
Sierra Club, Tehipite Chapter
  • Vacant
  • Alternate: Chris Acree

Sierra Resource Conser. Dist.

  • Representative: Vacant
  • Alternate: Karin Roux, Justin Morgan
Sultana Community Services Dist.
  • Michael Prado Sr.
  • Alternate: Vacant
Terranova Ranch, Inc.
  • Don Cameron
  • Alternate: Troy Lyles

Tulare Basin Watershed Network

  • Representative: Vacant
  • Alternate: Vacant
U.C. Coop. Extension – Fresno
  • Dan Munk
  • Alternate: Vacant

XIO, Inc.

  • John Peairs
  • Alternate: Mike Motely