Prop 1E Round 1 Stormwater Flood Management Grant

Proposition 1E, the Disaster Preparedness and Flood Protection Bond Act, was passed by California voters in November 2006 and included funding for flood control structure, flood prevention, identification of risks and protection of flood corridors, and stormwater reuse. The Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District (FMFCD) submitted a grant application titled “Fancher Creek Flood Control Improvement Project” to compete for funding in Round one of the Prop 1E Stormwater Flood Management grant. The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) awarded FMFCD $2,231,086.00 in grant funding with a local cost share of $2,382,648.00; the project’s total cost was $4,613,734.00. The grant agreement between FMFCD and DWR was executed on September 5, 2015 with all activities for the grant expected to conclude by March 2020.

PROJECT: Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District – Fancher Creek Flood Control Improvement Project

The Fancher Creek Flood Control Improvement Project is an integrated flood and stormwater control, water quality, recharge and environmental management plan developed as an essential element of the Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District’s Service Plan. The Project fulfills three specific objectives: 1) Practicing Integrated Flood Management, 2) Protecting Surface Water and Groundwater Quality, and 3) Use and reuse water more efficiently.

1. Practicing Integrated Flood Management – “The Project includes completion of the Detention Basin to improve flood management, reduce instream erosion and sedimentation, and capture and eventually contain up to 1,891 acre-feet (200-year, 30-day event protection) of Fancher Creek runoff and stormwater. The current improvements to the basin, which achieved 100-year, 30-day protection, will result in an immediate economic benefit to downstream residents and businesses.”

2. Protect Surface and Groundwater Quality – “The Project will significantly protect water quality by capturing and treating urban runoff, increase pollutant removal, and assist in meeting the region’s NPDES permit requirements. The Project will prevent pollutant-carrying urban runoff from flowing into Fancher Creek by diverting runoff for treatment and storage in its basin system. Protecting surface water quality in turn protects the groundwater quality of the local watershed, as polluted runoff is prevented from infiltrating into the groundwater.”

3. Use and Reuse Water More Efficiently – “The Project also includes elements to implement water use efficiency, water conservation, recycling and reuse. Stormwater collected in Basin “BO” will be used to irrigate a large to-de-developed regional shopping center. In addition, this water will later be used to water landscaped areas around the basin and for a planned urban trail and park.”

Multiple benefits of the Project include:

1. Removal of approximately 682 acres from the 100-year flood plain
2. The Project provides drainage capacity in 100-year flood events
3. The Project will protect the Drainage Area “Y” Segment from localized flooding in 2-year and 25-year storm events
4. The Project protects residents and businesses from property damage and lost income and wages