2012 Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRMWP) Update

The Upper Kings Basin IRWM Authority (Kings Basin Water Authority) executed an IRWM Planning Grant agreement with the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) in September 2011. $236,890 in Proposition 84 grant funds were received; the total project cost was $336,850. The objective of the project was to update the 2007-adopted Upper Kings Basin IRWMP to:

1) Satisfy new State requirements for IRWM Plans;
2) More thoroughly address Statewide Priorities and Program Preferences;
3) Update the plan to include recent information;
4) Address inadequacies in the existing plan;
5) Expand the focus on Disadvantaged Communities;
6) Document successes and lessons learned since the original plan was drafted;
7) Document governance and policy improvements since the original plan was drafted;
8) Engage more stakeholders; and
9) Improve the overall regional planning process.

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For Additional Information, Contact:

Eric Osterling or Cristel Tufenkjian
Kings Basin Water Authority
office: 559.237.5567